Aluminium, Fibreglass, UPVC Skin Composite Doors

Composite Doors are made up of different materials. The term ‘Composite Door‘ is used to cover a wide range of products with different materials (Aluminium, uPVC, Fibreglass) used to make it strong, solid, attractive and long lasting it is very durable and maintenance free.

Due to best of materials used to make them they are made up of Aluminium, UPVC and fibreglass, as these materials are strong and long lasting so it makes the structure of the door durable. The visible face of the door from both sides is normally a few millimeters thick and is coated with attractive colors to make it brighter and look attractive.

Aluminium Skin Composite Door:

These doors are made up of aluminium, they’re generally manufactured with a smooth surface so it looks attractive and you can use any color to male it look attractive they are mostly used as garage doors & shop doors. These doors made up of Aluminium as frame and glass in the center can be used as main entrance door for all types of offices, hotels and for much other purpose as they are very attractive. These Doors are not so expansive as compared to the traditional wooden doors. Aluminium composite doors are available in three layers.

Different type of Aluminium doors

o Single Layer : Use single aluminium sheet
o Double Layer : durable and sound proof
o First layer is of Aluminium and second layer is of polyurethane foam
o Triple layer Aluminium doors: (durable, sound proof, stronger & solid)

First layer is of galvanized Aluminium then second layer is of polyurethane foam and the third layer is of galvanized Aluminium.

So in all if you are looking for change of doors for your garage or thinking of making your office look more attractive aluminium doors is best option for you.

uPVC Skin Composite Doors

There are lot of options when you think of choosing front door then wooden doors are available but being very costly & not so durable they are not the right choice as up doors are available which are with all the modern designs, colors and are not as costly as wooden doors and also they need less maintenance. To get its original beauty back all you need to do is wash and wipe.

For exterior doors, uPVC composite door have many advantages. These Doors are better weather resistant compared to wooden doors will lose their shine over the period of time but this door will have no impact on its attractiveness for years. It will look as it was when installed it.

If you are using this door you would be additionally benefited by savings as uPVC doors allow light to come inside your house, also you can have glass panels with frosted glass panel’s option on either side of the door which would lead to more light and decreasing your energy costs.

You can decide right front uPVC composite doors according to the best colors suiting your house and front uPVC doors are also available in wooden colors to choose from. And as you want use this door as front door then it would be also available with knocker, letter box and solid and highly secured lock to keep you home safe and secured.

The best benefit of using composite uPVC door is they are less in price then the traditional wooden doors & since they are made out of machines so they can be designed and molded the way you need according to the required size.

Fibreglass Skin Composite Doors

Fibreglass composite doors are made by using fibreglass and resin. The skin is molded from resin which starts in a liquid form & chemically sets during the manufacturing process. This allows for a much finer grain definition. This process also means that, once set the fibreglass skin is very dimensionally stable under variations of heat and cold. Drastically reduces any stress on the bond between the skin and the core. Because there is only a nominal expansion and contraction, there is very little stress throughout the skin. This also means that darker colors, which reach higher temperatures, do not cause problems.

These doors can be used in many purposes it can be used as your main entrance door, it can also be used as patio doors, you get attractive fiberglass doors for your bathrooms as it is water resistant, you can even use if for kitchen cabinets. There are various other usages of fiberglass doors.

The best advantage (benefits) of using Fibreglass composite door is they are less in price then the customary wooden doors & since they are made out of machines so they can be designed and molded the way you need according to the required size. and if your are looking your entrance door to be made of Fibreglass then additional benefit for you is choosing right color according to your needs with attractive letter boxes, Knockers, and highly secured locking system. conservatories cardiff