Arden, Delaware – The Central Axis of a Community

The 2023 Fair was a great success thanks to our wonderful volunteers! In particular, kudos to Hanby YMCA Outdoor Center for providing us with parking facilities. We also thank the many people who supported the event in other ways.

The arden is the central axis of a village, town or other community. It is a place where residents share in common values and traditions. It is a community that cherishes arts, crafts, music and theater. It is also a place where people care deeply about the environment. Half of the land in our village is forests and greens, which are not taxed. This is why we have the highest percentage of tree canopy in Delaware.

An arden is also a special place where the sprit and energy of a community are centered. It is where a close-knit character emerges, forged by a shared concern for social justice and the environment. It is where people come together to celebrate their joys and struggles, to share their gifts and talents and to support one another in times of crisis or sorrow.

Arden was founded in 1900 as a Single Tax community based on the economic philosophy of Henry George and inspired by the arts and crafts movement of William Morris and the garden city movement of Ebenezer Howard. A town meeting form of government governs the village. Villagers own their houses, but pay “land rent” to the village to cover the cost of village services and local school expenses. The town hall is at the arden, and a comprehensive library serves residents.