Blow Dry Attachments – Which Ones Are Right For You?

When styling your hair at home, the right blow dryer attachments are key to achieving a sleek look or even creating that voluminous volume you crave. From diffusing curls to straightening wavy hair, there’s an attachment out there for every style goal.

A common attachment to come with your dryer or to buy separately is the classic styling nozzle. The nozzle looks like a comb and comes in different sizes, with shorter picks being ideal for short to medium lengths and longer strands requiring a larger variety of the attachment. This type of attachment helps create a smooth, glossy look while protecting strands from heat damage.

Another common attachment is the concentrator nozzle, which also typically comes with most dryers or is sold separately. The aptly named accessory focuses the heat on one section of your hair at a time, which is great when trying to achieve a salon-quality blow out. Whether you want to straighten your bangs or add a bit of extra volume to the roots of your hair, this is a must-have for everyone.

Lastly, there’s the diffuser attachment, which is the best of both worlds for wavy and curly hair types. This is a bowl-shaped attachment with small holes throughout that disperses the airstream, preventing it from hitting all your strands at once and thus reducing the risk of frizz and heat damage. The design mimics natural drying, with a focus on detangling and stretching your curl pattern while keeping your strands intact and bouncy. blow dryer attchments