Brush Making Machine

The brush making machine is a type of machine used for manufacturing various types of brushes and brooms. The machine has a number of different functions, including drilling and tufting. It is designed to work with a variety of materials, including cellulose and natural fibers. Its structural design also makes it safe to use and easy to operate. The machine is capable of producing high-quality brushes, brooms, and other similar products at a high speed.

The tuft setting apparatus of the machine comprises a pair of reciprocating jaws which are secured to a plate which is slidably mounted in a frame block so that they are movable toward and away from a brush back held in holder 12. A deflector is positioned in the holder with one of its apertures in cooperation with the jaws. During the operation of the machine, the anchor is moved downwardly within the jaws by means of a drive needle to secure the bristle strands in the apertures in the back as the jaws move toward the back.

As the machine operates upon a brush back it is necessary to shift the tuft deflector in order that the newly set tufts may project upwardly through the openings in the back. The tuft deflector is shifted by electrically operated cam shift which is responsive to repositioning of the holder as a new brush back is positioned for tufting.

PTt technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in toothbrush production. It reduces manufacturing time and costs, increases output and quality, and enables entirely new handle designs. Using this technology, brushes with pre-cored holes can be made without the need for a separate mold. This significantly simplifies the process of assembling the handle, eliminating the need for gluing, click assembly and hand soldering. The output can reach 48 brushes per minute.

Wanxingda operates as a high-tech company with advanced equipment imported from overseas and professional experienced talents engaged in R&D for years. Its sales network has expanded to America, Italy, Japan and Southeast Asia and is well received by clients. The company provides 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC brush tufting machines in a variety of models.

Brushes and brooms are produced with these machines as long as their length is no more than 350 millimetres. The transfer machine as a 3-axes version allows for high production velocities and guarantees high process safety. The innovative filling tool with patented RoAn technology serves for an optimal cutting result. Four lateral cleaning rollers ensure a clean finish.

The 5-head brush tufting machine, with 3 drillings and 2 fillings, is equipped with a table with 6 or 12 fixtures. It works in a continuous cycle and is very efficient. The 3-head and single head brush tufting machine have similar features, but differ in the number of drillings and fillings.

The machine can be used for a wide range of brush types, including twisted brushes with loop or closed ends. It can also be used to make a variety of stem-wire materials, with a diameter of 0.7 mm to 3.2 mm. It is computerized, has an English and Chinese display interface and offers a high level of safety.