Cache Level 3 and Early Learning Centres

Child Care Centres

If you want your children to develop in a safe and caring environment, child care centres are the best place for them. The centres will have educators who are qualified to teach your children and will provide a structured curriculum for them. They will also have activities to help with their social development and language skills.

Early learning and child care centres are private establishments that provide a wide range of services for families with young children. They are usually larger than family-based or government-run programs and offer longer daycare hours to support working parents. They are also closely regulated to ensure the safety and well-being of your children. They will have a high educator-to-child ratio and have extensive sickness policies to prevent infectious diseases from spreading.

Voluntary systems such as those used in the United States have also shown positive results. Studies indicate that children who attend programs that voluntarily meet nationally accepted standards have better school readiness scores than those who are in non-quality programs.

Teachers in quality-rated child care centres have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in ECE or an equivalent credential and must complete annual professional development training. They are also expected to meet certain health and safety requirements, including background checks. They should also be familiar with child development theory and have a strong desire to learn and improve the quality of their program.

Day Care Centres

Prince Edward Island has a strong reputation for Early learning and Child Care and the government is investing in expanding access for children who need it and improving quality. This includes more spaces for infants and toddlers and investments in a PEI Framework for Children.

Many centres employ educators who are certified to work with young children and have completed additional training in the field of child development. Many teachers work with a group of children for multiple years, allowing them to develop a deep understanding of each child’s strengths and needs.


An early learning centre is a safe, welcoming place where children can learn and grow with the support of adults who understand their development. It is a space for creativity, imagination and exploration. The best preschools are staffed by teachers who have, at a minimum, a four-year degree and specific training in education for young children. This allows teachers to skillfully promote children’s social and cognitive development.

The best preschools are spacious and well-equipped with age-appropriate materials such as art, music, science, language, maths, puzzles and dramatic play. They also provide a healthy diet and safe outdoor environments with plenty of opportunities to explore nature. These centres are often rated as high quality by state-wide programs like Keystone STARS, and this rating system influences the types of resources, staff qualifications, training and interactions that are required for these facilities to meet the highest level of quality.

These centres may also offer support services for children with special needs, such as speech and language therapy or physiotherapy. These centres can be operated by community groups, schools or local government agencies. They are often located in the same building as primary schools and work closely with teachers to build relationships between children, families and their communities. They are also a good option for parents who have to leave their children while they go to work. Cache level 3 and Early learning centres