Cherry Blossoms by the Park

There’s something about the spring that makes everything brighter and better, especially if you’re looking for a beautiful spot to take in all of nature’s glory. From the fluttering petals of the cherry blossom to the fragrant blooms of the rose, you’ll find plenty of stunning flowers by the park. Here are a few of our favorite spots to check out these blossoms.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

One of the most beloved cherry blossom viewing spots in New York City, Brooklyn Botanic Garden has a breathtaking Japanese garden that is sure to inspire you. The park is also known for its weekend events, including weekend-in-bloom, which features cultural programs and live music in addition to blossom-viewing opportunities.

If you want to plan your visit around a peak cherry blossom bloom, make sure to keep an eye on BBG’s “Cherrywatch” online map. It’s updated daily to reflect bloom progress across the sakura trees, so you can plan your visit around the best time to see them in their fullest glory.

The Reservoir, Cedar Hill and the Great Lawn are the most popular places to see the flowers, but other areas of Central Park have blooms as well. Look for the whitish-pink Yoshino cherries that grow on the east side of the Reservoir (mid-park between 86th and 96th streets), the delicate Kwanzan blossoms adorning Cherry Hill, Pilgrim Hill and the Great Lawn (east side from 72nd to 96th streets), as well as the gorgeous Higan blossoms on Sheep Meadow and the west side of the Reservoir near 70th Street.

Rainey Park in Astoria and Hunter’s Point South in Long Island City are also popular spots for viewing the blooms, and both offer waterfront views of Midtown Manhattan. A walk along the promenade is a lovely way to enjoy the cherry blossoms in a serene setting.

Yale University

The Yale campus is home to a number of beautiful CT cherry blossoms, including three that bloom by the entrance to the dining hall. The blossoms are a welcome sight to all students, faculty, and visitors who come to campus in the spring.

There are also other spots on the campus that have some stunning flower displays, including the Grove Cemetery and Swing Space. The smell of the blossoms and the touch of the petals can be very relaxing to the senses.

Mill River Park

The tulips in Mill River Park are another popular attraction during the spring. Their vibrant hues and fragrance are a must-see while walking or biking through the park.

Descanso Gardens

About 20 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles, Descanso Gardens is a world-renowned botanical garden that is known for its seasonal horticultural displays. Each year, the gardens have an array of flowers in bloom, including rhododendrons and camellias.

Other blossoms by the park include trilliums, mayapples and daffodils. While these flowers aren’t as spectacular as the sakura, they still make for a pretty sight.

They’re typically found in April and May, and they’ll appear in a variety of colors from pink to maroon and white.