Chiropractor Dubai

Chiropractors are experts in spinal manipulation to help alleviate pain and improve your body’s physical function. They use a range of hands-on techniques, including spinal manipulation and joint manipulation to address misalignment in the spine or elsewhere. They can also recommend massage therapy and exercise to help you stay limber.

A visit to a chiropractor typically begins with a consultation to understand your medical history, any symptoms you’re experiencing, and the areas that are causing you discomfort. Then the chiropractor will apply controlled, sudden pressure to manipulate a spinal joint. You may hear a cracking sound when this happens, but it’s completely normal and nothing to worry about. They might also refer you for X-rays or MRI to help identify any abnormalities.

Located in the heart of Dubai, Pure Chiropractic is dedicated to providing effective and quality healthcare to help reach optimum vitality through a healthy spine and nervous system. It aims to offer its clients an experience that’s professional and friendly.

One of the top chiropractors in Dubai, Up and Running offers a complete wellness program that includes massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy and nutrition. Their services are aimed at alleviating back and neck pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Their team of experienced therapists have years of combined experience in the field.

A new arrival on the Dubai wellness scene, Synergy Integrated takes a fresh perspective on healthcare. Its founders, osteopath Kris Rai, sports physiotherapist Paul Morana and movement coach Pavlina Rai have created a one-of-a-kind integrated concept within a hip warehouse space in Alserkal Avenue. They offer holistic treatments that combine Tulum boho aesthetics with top physiotherapy and movement practices. Chiropractor dubai