Choosing a Kiddush Cup

A kiddush cup is a special vessel used to hold the wine that’s blessed during kiddush – the ritual that opens most Jewish holiday meals and celebrations (such as weddings). The cup can be plain or decorative. It’s also a popular gift for a bar or bat mitzvah.

A good kiddush cup should be able to hold at least a revi’it (3.8 fl. oz or 112 ml) of wine, enough for everyone to take a sip. It should also be free of any blemishes or leaks. You should also avoid using a cup that has been handled by gentiles or non-observant Jews. If you use a cup that’s already been used by others, be sure to mix it with new wine or water to ensure that the wine remains kosher.

Silver is the classic choice for a kiddush cup, since it’s durable and beautiful. Some kiddush cups are even made of a special teflon coating that preserves the taste of the wine while protecting you from any potentially harmful metals.

Some cups come with a rim that’s plated with gold to add an extra touch of luxury. This elegant design is especially popular for Passover. For a more modern look, try this gorgeous anodized aluminum kiddush cup set from Israel by designer Yair Emanuel. It displays a stunning Jerusalem motif and is the perfect accessory for your seder table.

If you’re planning to serve a lot of people, consider getting an individual kiddush cup for each guest at your meal. This way, you can be sure that everyone has their own cup, and it will prevent any accidental spills. You’ll also want to get a tray or dish to place the kiddush cup on, so any spilled wine can be caught and collected easily. kiddush cup