Choosing the Right Conservatory Roof

The roof is the most important part of any conservatory and there are a range of different options to choose from including polycarbonate, glass and tiled roofs. These are all designed to improve thermal efficiency, provide a traditional aesthetic and offer a long lifespan. However, it is vital to consider practical aspects such as roof maintenance and building regulations when selecting the best option for your conservatory.

Glass roofs allow light to flood into the conservatory and can give it a bright and airy feel. They are also a more affordable option than polycarbonate roof sheets. However, it is possible for glare to become a problem and the glass can become very hot during summer and cold during winter. New glass roofs with improved coatings can help to address these issues and improve performance.

Traditionally, most conservatories had polycarbonate or glass roofs that were extremely inefficient and posed a number of problems including leaks and heat loss. Newer roofs are a lot more energy efficient and this is down to advancements in glass technology, which have allowed for better insulating properties. Choosing a glass or tiled conservatory roof can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your utility bills.

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