Clean House Solutions – The Best Atlanta Maid Service

Clean House Solutions offers a wide range of cleaning services. Its cleaners dust ceilings, wash windows, vacuum carpets, mop floors, and remove trash. They also sanitize bathrooms and tidy kitchens. They can visit a client’s home daily, weekly, or monthly. They also take care of laundry and ironing. The team uses nature-friendly products to keep homes free of germs and odors.

The company has been in business since 2011. Its team members clean residential and commercial spaces, including apartment complexes, homes, and businesses. They can organize closets, sanitize bathroom fixtures, and wipe down countertops. They can also clean the inside of ovens and sanitize doorknobs. They use a variety of tools to ensure that every corner is cleaned thoroughly.

Clients can opt for a standard maid service or customize their packages. They can also opt for a deep cleaning service or a move-in/move out cleaning. The company is licensed and insured for customer peace of mind. Its cleaners undergo background and reference checks.

The cost of a cleaning service varies depending on the size and contents of the home. The cleaners can charge a flat rate based on square footage or a price per room. They can also charge extra for items that are difficult to reach, such as tall ceiling fans or a home with multiple stories. Customers should make sure to be honest about their home’s condition so the cleaner can give an accurate quote. It is customary to tip the maids 10% to 20% of the total bill. Best Atlanta Maid Service