Dental Diamond Burrs

diamond burrs are rotary tools used for shaping, carving and grinding hard materials like glass, stones, metals and bone. They are also ideal for finishing soft materials such as plastic and wood.

There are many different types of burs, grits and shapes available to choose from. Choosing the correct bur for your project can be confusing with so many options and numbering systems. In general, the first three numbers on a diamond bur indicate the shape of the bur, and the last three determines its diameter. A softer bur will cut faster than a coarser bur.

Both carbide and diamond burs are excellent tools for dental applications, but both have their own unique advantages. Diamond burs have superior cutting surfaces and can be used to cut ceramic crowns, zirconia restorations, or porcelain veneers. The softer surface of a diamond bur also means it can be used to create finer textures than a carbide tool.

The benefits of a diamond bur are numerous, including a superior finish and increased efficiency and longevity compared to other tools. This longer lifespan is attributed to the fact that diamond burs have more exposed surface area, leading to less clogging and higher cutting efficiency. Additionally, the diamonds are embedded in a matrix of steel and other materials, which reduces wear.

Dental diamond burs are categorized into two different categories: single-use and multi-use. Single-use diamond burs offer the convenience of having a sterile and sharp replacement instrument with every procedure, but can become dull over time. Multi-use diamond burs are designed to be re-used and come in a wider selection of shapes, sizes, and grits than their single-use counterparts.

A diamond bur is a tool that has a shank with an active part coated with natural or synthetic diamond powder. The type of diamond used will determine the effectiveness and durability of the bur. Generally speaking, higher quality diamond burs are manufactured with synthetic diamond, which are less expensive than those made with natural diamond.

The softer and more versatile a diamond bur is, the better it is for use in dental applications. The benefits of a dental diamond bur are numerous, including superior finish and increased efficiency and longevity compared with other tools. The softer and more flexible surface of a diamond bur also allows for better textures when used to cut hard and soft tissues, such as a ceramic crown or zirconia restoration.

Whether you need a diamond bur for a dental project or are looking to add a new tool to your tool collection, SUVA offers a wide variety of high-quality diamond burs. We have a range of products in value-focused electroplated and durable sintered construction, each of which is designed to meet the needs of any artisan or hobbyist. We recommend using 412 Slick Lube to extend the life of your diamond burs, and regularly re-shaping them with a Diamond Re-Shaping Block to keep them performing at their best. To learn more, contact us today!