Effective TV And Radio Advertising – Custom or Not?

When it’s all said and done, your TV or radio ad doesn’t mean a hill a beans until you see an increase in sales, an increase on your ROI and a noticeable perception with your credibility factor. When it’s all said and done, that’s all that matters, no matter who said what, how convincing the sales rep was, or cool you thought that the spot production was. So gleaning from the opening few lines we can see what really should matter, but just how does one truly get there?

After hearing how wonderful this person or company is or service that they have to offer, how do you stay clear of the common pitfalls that so many seem to meander into? With so many different yet convincing spiels and pitches out there with who knows how the numbers were concocted, how can you really obtain that spot that not only knocks your socks off, but really does get the job done with a great return on ROI, increased sales, and a perceivable increase in credibility with the public?

Honesty and quality are really the important elements and not just from what you consider to be the way that you run your immediate business, but the way you advertise as well. What do you mean? If you consider a second rate production company with the voice over no more convincing or professional than watching C-Span, than you’ve entirely missed the boat. Most people really do try to offer a great product or service, finding key employees not withstanding, but they really do. The problem is encountered when balance sheets take precedence over quality; when advertising is turned into a total numbers game with no aim or effect, and when advertising is seen as a negative “have to.” Instead of viewing your marketing and advertising with disdain and a long sigh, why don’t you embrace advertising and marketing for what it really is and what it really can do for your company.

We understand the nightmare that so many small businesses encounter as they wade through all of the information. With every cable and TV rep suggesting with numbers and charts that their broadcast is the best scenario for you, all the while you’re almost more confused than before the meeting began. So what does one do?

We just mentioned quality. Above all else your spots need to be colored with quality and they need to offer more than your company name telephone number three times and your selling point has got to be more than price – Someone will always come along with a lower price and then what will you do? Think quality with your ads. Think of great sounding music beds with great sounding jingles and a voice over that sounds downtown – That’s really how you get there, because so many don’t employ that one element and they look and are perceived with the same lack-luster credibility that everyone else is. You should always have a custom production done with your spots and they should always be top-notch, because after awhile, you will have built on reputation and quality always coincides with a great reputation.. custom logo socks