eWarrants and WhereverWARRANT

A national award winning solution, ewarrants revolutionizes the warrant issuance process in a secure cloud environment. This allows courts to respond quickly resulting in an overall improvement in public safety efficiency and accountability.

In addition, the anywhereWARRANT solution facilitates a paperless workflow for warrant-related court functions and documents through a secure, digitally managed system that is easy to access and retrieve from any device with internet connectivity. This system also helps reduce court workload through automation of mundane tasks, allowing more time for staff to focus on other important duties.

Moreover, the anywhereWARRANT system is designed to allow law enforcement officers to create an arrest warrant or search warrant from any computer with a web browser using encrypted communications protocols that prevent the possibility of unauthorized access. This feature gives police officers a powerful tool to communicate with the court electronically from any location, which is especially helpful when a suspect is not located in their jurisdiction.

The eWarrants system is expected to save countless hours and days of lost time for both court and law enforcement personnel over the course of a year. This translates to substantial savings for agencies by eliminating unplanned overtime used to process warrant paperwork and filings. This allows officers to devote their work hours to the apprehension and conviction of criminals, rather than spending time in their offices or attempting to track down suspects with outdated methods of document transfer and processing.

Governor Beshear’s office recently highlighted the benefits of Kentucky’s eWarrants system. More than 62 percent of warrants entered into the system have already been served, a significant increase from less than 10 percent under the previous system.