Fenben Powder For Pets

Fenben powder is an effective medication to treat parasites in both freshwater and saltwater tropical fish. It is used to treat coccidia (including giardia), intestinal parasites, and tapeworms. It is safe for all species of fish and can be dosed directly into the water column or mixed with foods. Fenben has also been shown to be an effective treatment for Candida infections in humans and pets. This infection can pose serious health problems in people with weakened immune systems and is an important consideration for individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments that weaken the immune system.

This medication is very well-tolerated in most pets and is available as a tablet or in a palatable flavoured suspension that can be mixed with canned food. It is very easy to administer and can be given either once or twice a day. Your veterinarian may recommend a fecal examination to ensure the medication has reached the intestinal tract and that it is working as expected. This medication can be combined with other worming medications, including the popular praziquantel.

This medication can be prescribed as a compounded product by your veterinarian. A compounded medication is created by a veterinarian or pharmacist on an individual basis and may be recommended for specific circumstances such as if your pet has trouble swallowing pills in capsule form, the drug is not available in the dosage strength needed, or if your pet has an allergy to an ingredient found in the FDA-approved medication.