Find a Curly Hair Salon in Melbourne

From voluminous curls to sleek bobs and wispy bangs, Melbourne is chock-full of stylish folks with a flair for textured hair. Whether you’re after a trim, a major style upgrade or just need to address a few problem areas, it’s worth finding a hairdresser with curly hair expertise.

The best stylists for curly hair have well-honed principles that support their exceptional results. Their approach focuses on effective communication and a detailed consultation. This allows them to understand each client’s unique texture, challenges and lifestyle – and deliver the perfect haircut for them. A true specialist does not opt for a cookie-cutter signature cut, or base their decisions on personal bias.

In the hands of a specialist, you can expect flattering shaping, reduced frizz and improved manageability. And because they have extensive training in curly-hair cut techniques, you can rest assured that your new cut will stay looking fabulous all week long.

If you’re on the hunt for a hairdresser who specialises in curly hair, check out my directory to find a salon near you. When you book an appointment, ask the stylist about their experience with wavy, curly and textured hair, and be sure to show them some inspiration photos of your desired look before the service starts.

Unlike stylists who prefer to cut straight hair, a true curly-hair specialist knows how to work with the natural waves of your hair. They avoid slicing and carving your hair into a shape with a knife, which can result in frizzy, ripped or fried ends that grow back with crooked strands. Instead, they’ll use hand-shaping and other techniques that work with the curl pattern, and ensure that your cut will have a beautiful, flowing shape. curly hair salon melbourne