Fire Fighting Water Pump

Fire Fighting Water Pump

A firefighting water pump is a portable, high-quality pressure pump designed to provide fast, easy access to water for fighting fires. They can be used for water transfer, hydrant filling or even to spray water mist for fire suppression in road tunnels and underground public transport. These pumps are available in both petrol and diesel, with single or twin impellers, electric or recoil start with a variety of different flow rates and pressure ratings.

When shopping for a fire fighting water pump it is important to consider the PSI and the GPM (Gallons Per Minute). The PSI measures the force of the pump, and it is this that will determine how much power you have when spraying hoses at a fire or watering your lawn. The GPM refers to the amount of water that can be pumped, which is more important if you are using it for water transfer or hydrant refilling.

The ideal firefighting water pump should have a high maximum head measure, which refers to how far the hoses can be pumped from the source with the highest pressure. This is important because the higher the maximum head, the more powerful the pump will be.

Most fire fighting pumps have a maximum head of 30 meters or more, which is enough to be used for most situations. The other thing to look out for is the suction port diameter, which must fit your suction hoses, which are sold separately. It is also important to understand how to use your fire fighting water pump, so it’s a good idea to read the manufacturer’s manual and/or watch videos online.

Fire-fighting pumps are essential for ensuring that people onboard ships and other maritime vehicles can quickly and safely escape if a fire breaks out. They can be found onboard many vessels in the form of integrated, front-mounted or portable fire pumps. These are a great alternative to more dangerous CO2/gas systems or sprinklers, and are especially useful in areas where smoke cannot be easily cleared.

The Danfoss PAH series of pumps are ideal for these applications, with a maximum head of up to 70 metres and a flow capacity of up to 187 l/min. They can be combined with various valves, nozzles and attachments from the Danfoss portfolio for an efficient and reliable water mist system.

Unlike normal pumps that displace the water and then spray it, firefighting water pumps create a mist of small droplets, which are very effective at absorbing heat and extinguishing the fire by removing oxygen. This is why they can be so effective in replacing traditional sprinkler systems, CO2/gas systems and even the dangerous Halon fire suppression systems onboard ships. They also have the advantage of being quick to start up and ramp up to full power after a period of standstill.