Free Employment Law Advice

There are a wide range of employment concerns that can arise, and it’s important for any job applicant, current employee or former worker to understand their rights. This includes discrimination protections, minimum wage and hour rights and wrongful termination laws. If you believe your employer has violated one or more of these laws, it’s a good idea to seek advice from an experienced attorney.

Legal aid services offer free legal assistance for people with certain income levels. While these attorneys can’t help with every legal issue, they are often able to assist with basic issues such as filing an employment discrimination lawsuit or defending against a workplace harassment claim.

Many government agencies also offer free legal assistance to those in need. For example, the Equality Advisory and Support Service provides helpline support for employees in England, Scotland or Wales with their concerns about workplace relations or discrimination.

Aside from these agencies, there are some private legal organizations that can assist with employment law issues. For example, the National Employment Lawyers Association offers a referral program for those who need legal assistance. Another organization is the Workplace Fairness, which provides information, education and advocacy on workplace rights. This organization is a not-for-profit allied with the National Employment Lawyers Association. It offers information and resources for employees and their advocates nationwide. The organization also works to advance public policies that promote workplace fairness. This includes preventing sexual harassment, retaliation and wage theft. free employment law advice