Free Voiceover Training Courses

Aspiring voice actors can work with a coach to learn the craft more quickly than on their own. A good coach can help a student with vocal technique and even help them build confidence in front of the microphone. They can also provide feedback on script analysis and performance, and offer guidance on the business side of the industry such as marketing and finding work.

One such course is a free course offered by Linkedin Learning called Getting Started with Voice Acting for Video and Animation. This free class is led by Mark Simon, a director and storyboard artist. He explains the production sides of voice acting as well as the skills that are necessary to get started.

Another good free voice over training course is one by Nancy Cartwright, a professional voice actor and teacher. This class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of voicing commercials, narration projects, and voice overs for advertisements. Students will be given the opportunity to read a real script in a one-on-one setting and then receive an evaluation later on in a follow up call from a voice coach.

There are a few drawbacks to this class, however. The first is that it takes a very long time to complete the lessons at 6.5 hours per lesson. This can be frustrating for many people who want to make a quick start with this type of voice acting. The second drawback is that some students have expressed issues with the company. One student has complained that the voice over masterclass has a poor reputation with regards to customer service. Voiceover training