Full House Cleaning Services

A clean home is a great stress reliever. However, many people do not have the time or energy to keep their homes in top condition. Thankfully, there are house cleaning services that can handle the chore for them. These companies can perform a variety of tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing dishes, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, and more. Some companies also provide specialty services, such as scrubbing grout and shampooing carpets. Many companies offer flexible scheduling and competitive rates. Choosing the right service depends on the customer’s preferences and budget.

The Maids, for example, offers a flexible pricing structure that allows customers to choose from several options. Its standard package includes dusting and vacuuming all rooms in the home, wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, emptying trash cans and sweeping/vacuuming the floors, and washing dishes. Its deluxe option goes more in-depth, including cleaning ceiling fans, baseboards, mirrors and windows, and wall art and pictures. It can also include scrubbing the tub and wiping down all surfaces in the bathroom.

Other companies, like Merry Maids, offer more specialized options. Its Deep Cleaning service focuses on areas that get the most wear and tear, such as the kitchen, primary bathroom, family room, and an additional room of the customer’s choice. This service can be done once or twice per year or prior to starting regular weekly cleanings. Merry Maids prices are based on the number of rooms cleaned and other factors, so customers should contact them for a quote.

Individual cleaners often charge less than large cleaning companies, but they may not have the same security guarantees. Customers should carefully screen candidates and ask for references, as well as whether they’re insured. It’s also a good idea to make sure the cleaner is comfortable with pets and children, especially if they will be working alone in your home.

If you choose to hire an independent house cleaner, be aware that their fees don’t go toward the cost of a company’s overhead and group insurance. This may make them more flexible, but it can also mean that they aren’t bonded or insured. Some individual cleaners are experienced, and some have formed long-term relationships with clients.

Some services, like Comfy Homes, allow you to select a dedicated helper. This ensures that the same person will be working in your home each time, which can increase comfort levels. The service also provides a checklist that helps customers to identify their priorities. It’s a good idea to discuss the list of priorities with your cleaner during the initial cleaning session, so that both of you understand what to expect. This will prevent any miscommunication or misunderstandings down the line. Some cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies, but if you’re paying a base rate, it may be cheaper to buy the items yourself. full house cleaning services