Fun Ice Breaker Questions For Work

Awkward silences, tense meetings, and stale chatter can often be the result of people not knowing each other very well. The right team building icebreaker questions can break the ice and ease folks into personal connections and bonding. But many people associate the word “icebreaker” with tacky pick-up lines at a speed dating session or cringeworthy get-to-know-your-colleagues games that leave everyone feeling like they’re being forced into some awkward comradery. However, the right icebreaker questions can actually be a really fun and engaging way to connect teams!

When it comes to icebreaker questions for work, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most effective icebreakers are ones that encourage participants to talk about their hobbies or interests. Asking about things like favorite foods or movies is a great way to learn more about your colleagues in a light-hearted and low-pressure manner. Similarly, asking “would you rather” style questions allows people to express their personality and preferences with often hilarious results.

Whether you’re welcoming new hires or trying to spice up an existing team meeting, these fun icebreaker questions are sure to make a big impact. Try these at your next company event, virtual happy hour or conference call to help your team start off on the right foot and build their bond! If you need more ideas to help your team build their connection, check out our comprehensive list of virtual team building activities and games. fun ice breaker questions