Funko Pop Pokemon

Embark on your own Pokemon adventure with Funko Pop figures that capture the cuteness and majesty of your favourite generation. Discover gen one favorites like this adorable Pichu Pop or a new figure of the mighty Dragonite waving to trainers – and don’t forget to add an Ash Ketchum Pop to your collection too.

The king of all Pokemon, Pikachu is sure to steal the show with this cute electric mouse Pop. A Target exclusive, this version of the series mascot is sure to be a collector’s item. For more majesty, look for a metallic version of this figure that is limited to 2,000 units.

Funko Pop figures are numbered based on their line, with some releasing as variants that change the size or appearance of a standard figure. These special editions are often sold exclusively through certain retailers or conventions, and they may come with a retailer or convention sticker or no sticker at all.

These Funko Pop figures make for great collectibles for fans of the franchise, and some can even be valuable. It’s important to stay up-to-date on trends in the Funko Pop world when collecting these toys, as a few of the rarest Pokemon figurines could see a significant boost in value in time. Keep an eye on the market and follow the advice of experts, and your collection can go from good to amazing. funko pop pokemon