Funny Pick Up Lines That Will Make Her Smile

We know that cheesy pick up lines have a reputation for inducing eye-rolls, but they can also be effective (when used correctly). Whether you’re trying to break the ice on Tinder or in person, a funny pickup line can show her that you’re confident and ready to start a conversation. The key is to use the right pickup line for her and deliver it with energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness. After all, the words don’t matter nearly as much as how they’re delivered. Two comedians can say the exact same joke, but one will get crickets and the other will have the audience laughing up a storm.

If you’re looking for a cute pick up line to use on your next potential date, look no further than the ones below. From silly puns to clever wordplay, these pick up lines are sure to make her smile. And if you don’t succeed in getting her number, at least you’ll have some fun memories to look back on!

While a good pickup line is important, confidence is even more so. If you approach her with a smug or condescending tone, she’ll be immediately turned off and will probably ignore your cheesy line. Also, avoid using any cheesy pick up lines that make her feel like you’re only interested in her physical attributes. Women are used to men objectifying them, but they don’t want someone who makes them feel like they’re meaningless. Instead, try a fun or flirty pick up line that communicates that you’re interested in more than just her body. funny pick up lines