German Lessons London

With over 130 million German speakers, it’s no wonder that the language is a popular choice for foreign language learning. Thankfully, the UK has plenty of opportunities for aspiring students to take German lessons London. Whether it be through the Goethe-Institut, or by searching on Superprof’s German tutor list, the city’s residents can choose from several different options for enhancing their language skills.

The Goethe-Institut

With a reach stretching around the world, the Goethe-Institut is a cultural institute with an important mission: to promote German language and culture. Their teaching programs range from beginner classes to advanced courses for those who already know the language. They also offer intensive classes for those who want to improve their skills quickly.

In addition to offering German lessons, the Goethe-Institut is also an excellent resource for travel information. This makes it an ideal destination for those who are interested in preparing for their upcoming trip to Germany.

International House

Founded in 1953, the international language training organisation originally focused on certifying English teachers to teach abroad. Today, they offer a wide range of modern languages, including German. If you decide to learn German with them, you can expect to follow a standard course progression from absolute beginner to fluency.

City Literary Institute

The name “City Lit” may invoke images of musty halls, but that is far from the case. Located in the heart of the capital, their German language courses are taught by native speakers in comfortable, spacious classrooms. These sessions are designed to build your German listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.