How to Book Cheap Holiday Online

If you want to book cheap holiday online, the key is to be flexible. Flight prices tend to fluctuate much less than hotel and cruise rates.

Also be aware of additional costs – for example airport charges, upgrades, meals, day trips etc. These can add up quickly! Use tools like Kayak and Momondo to find cheaper flights.

Book Far in Advance

A lot of people are keen to find the perfect holiday for a price they can afford and the best way to do this is to book far in advance. This will allow you to find the exact break that you want and avoid any last minute disappointments.

Generally speaking flights are cheaper the further in advance you book and holidays start to get more expensive the closer to departure date. This is because companies are trying to fill up any empty flight seats and hotel rooms.

Holiday prices fluctuate a lot, but if you’re prepared to be flexible with dates there are still plenty of bargains to be had. You can also save money on your holidays by booking a self-catering or all-inclusive package deal. This will often work out much cheaper than booking your own accommodation and paying for individual extras like tickets for attractions or transfers separately.

Stay Off-Season

Whether you’re looking to escape the family for Christmas or want to avoid the sweltering summer heat in Dubai, travelling outside peak season has some major benefits. From cheaper flights and accommodation to reduced queues at attractions and wallet-friendly restaurant rates, you can get more bang for your buck when you travel off season.

For the ultimate cheap holiday, opt for an all-inclusive deal, where your meals and drinks are included in the price of your break. Alternatively, self-catering holidays are also great value for money, as you’ll be able to cook back at your accommodation and save on dining out. Remember to book your car hire, transfers and travel insurance online too – this can usually be cheaper than booking at the airport or through high street shops. Plus, online bookings are often flexible and come with consumer protection under the Package Travel Regulations 2018.

Play Companies Off Each Other

The best way to find cheap holiday deals is to compare online, especially if you are flexible with your dates. Websites such as Expedia and Icelolly let you search without specifying a destination, which could reveal some interesting alternatives.

Travel companies also use a system known as ‘surge pricing’ to increase prices during popular periods such as half-term holidays. A bit of research on weather websites like Weather2travel and an understanding of the peak dates of the destinations you are interested in can help to avoid these price increases.

Sites such as loveholidays will automatically update you with a range of discounts and flash sales, allowing you to save money by not over-spending. It is worth checking the Terms and Conditions of any deal to ensure you are able to cancel or change your plans in the event of inclement weather or the company going into administration. This is particularly important for package holidays. book cheap holiday online