How to Build Pop Up TV Cabinets

TVs are great, but sometimes they can be an eyesore and detract from the design of your space. They can also be dangerous, if a TV is left on when kids are around, it could fall and get broken, or the children might hurt themselves playing with it. Having a TV lift that can easily rise up and out of a cabinet or even off the ceiling with a push of a button is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to keep their television out of sight when not watching it, while also keeping their family safe.

For years hidden TVs that popped up out of cabinets or off the ceiling at the touch of a button were only seen on MTV Cribs in millionaires mansions, but with the advent of technology and DIY builders making it affordable for the average consumer to build one, pop up TV cabinets are becoming more common and easier to find. These cabinets are a great way to reclaim space in your room while providing a modern look and feel to your space.

This project uses our TY-01 motorized TV lift and decorative slats to create a functional, stylish and durable cabinet. The plywood construction makes it easy to work with and lightweight for transport.

The first step is to cut all of the sides, back, and top pieces for the cabinet using a circular saw with a track or a table saw with a blade. Ensure the dimensions are accurate to ensure your cabinet will fit together and that you have enough material for the TV lift mechanism.

Once the sides and back are complete, assemble them with glue and 1.25” screws. Use a pocket hole jig or make your own to pre-drill all of the hinge holes for the doors so that you don’t have to manually screw them in by hand. The next step is to add the center divider to the cabinet. David used a piece of scrap plywood that had been cut to size to serve as his divider, but you can use whatever type of board you have on hand.

At this point you can begin to dry fit your lift mechanism and TV in the cabinet. This will give you an idea of how the cabinet is going to come together and will help you fine tune any adjustments that you need to make.

When you’re happy with how everything fits, add the piano hinge to the back of the cabinet where it will flip up and allow the TV to slide out on the lift. It’s a good idea to pre-drill the piano hinge holes before attaching it to the cabinet so that you don’t have to drill through the back of the TV.

Now that your cabinet is almost done, you can mount the lift and the TV and start enjoying it! When friends visit, they’ll be blown away by your new hidden TV. Just let them know that it’s not a regular credenza when they open it up and break out the remote or your phone to show them how it works!