How to Cancel Subscriptions on Roku

How to Cancel Subscriptions on Roku

Are you struggling to cancel your subscriptions on Roku? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will guide you through the process of canceling your subscriptions on Roku using simple and easy-to-follow steps. Whether you’re looking to unsubscribe from a streaming service or remove a channel, we’ll show you how to do it quickly and efficiently.

So, let’s get started and take control of your Roku subscriptions today!

Understanding Roku Subscriptions

Understanding Roku subscriptions is essential before learning how to cancel them. When you sign up for a Roku subscription, you gain access to a wide range of streaming channels and content.

These subscriptions can be monthly or annual, and they offer various services like premium channels, live TV, and on-demand content. It’s important to note that Roku subscriptions are separate from the free channels available on the platform.

To make the most of your subscriptions, you should familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, including the billing cycle and cancellation policies.

Accessing Your Roku Account

To access your account on Roku, you’ll need to sign in using your email and password.

Once you’ve set up your Roku device, it’s important to have easy access to your account for managing your subscriptions and preferences.

Simply go to the Roku website or open the Roku mobile app and click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

Enter the email address associated with your Roku account and the password you created during the setup process.

If you can’t remember your password, don’t worry! Just click on the ‘Forgot password?’ link and follow the instructions to reset it.

After successfully signing in, you can explore your account settings, add or remove channels, and manage your subscription preferences effortlessly.

Managing Subscriptions on Roku

Once you’ve signed in, it’s easy to manage your subscriptions on the Roku platform.

To start, navigate to the Roku home screen and select the ‘Settings’ option. From there, choose ‘Subscriptions’ and you’ll be able to see all the subscriptions associated with your account.

If you want to cancel a subscription, simply select it from the list and choose ‘Cancel Subscription.’ Roku will guide you through the cancellation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, if you want to manage your billing information or update payment methods, you can do so in the ‘Payment Method’ section under ‘Settings.’

Cancelling Subscriptions on Roku

When it comes to ending your subscriptions on the Roku platform, it’s a simple process that you can easily navigate.

To start, go to the Roku home screen and navigate to the channel store. From there, select ‘Streaming Channels’ and then ‘My Subscriptions.’ You will see a list of all your active subscriptions.

To cancel a subscription, simply select the channel you want to cancel and click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. Roku will guide you through the cancellation process, which may involve confirming your decision and providing any necessary payment information.

Once you’ve completed the cancellation steps, your subscription will be terminated, and you will no longer be billed.

Troubleshooting Subscription Cancellations on Roku

If you’re having trouble with cancelling your subscriptions on Roku, it’s important to double-check your internet connection and ensure that it’s stable. A weak or unstable internet connection can cause issues when trying to cancel subscriptions.

Once you’ve confirmed that your internet is reliable, you can proceed with the cancellation process. Start by navigating to the Roku home screen and selecting ‘Settings.’ From there, choose ‘Subscriptions’ and locate the subscription you want to cancel. Select the subscription and follow the prompts to cancel it.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, try restarting your Roku device. Simply unplug it from the power source, wait for a few seconds, and then plug it back in. This can often resolve any technical glitches that may be interfering with the cancellation process.


So there you have it, cancelling subscriptions on Roku is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

By accessing your Roku account and navigating to the subscription management section, you can easily cancel any unwanted subscriptions.

Remember to double-check your cancellation to ensure it has been successfully processed.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Roku’s customer support for assistance.

Now you can take control of your Roku subscriptions and only pay for what you truly want to watch.