How to Find the Best German Courses in London

With the German language boasting around 100 million speakers worldwide and being a major economic force, learning it opens up a wide range of work and travel opportunities. As one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, it is also a lingua franca in parts of Switzerland, Austria and even Belgium. As a member of the same family as English, it can be a relatively easy language to learn and is often taught alongside English.

There are a vast array of programs for students looking to study German in London. The best program for you will depend on your goals and level of commitment. You will want to consider things like duration, costs, academic requirements and scholarships.

Group classes are the most popular way to learn German in London. These classes offer the chance to make new friends, as well as learn conversational German in a relaxed atmosphere. These classes use a communicative approach to teaching, which dispenses with the traditional lecture style of many language courses and instead puts an emphasis on interaction.

Individual lessons are another great option for those who want to learn the language in a more focused environment. These sessions provide you with the full attention of a German tutor, meaning you can get to grips with the language more quickly. Italki, for example, is a free, app-based program that connects you with an online German tutor for a one-to-one video chat session.

For the traveler, a combination language & cultural immersion program will be your best choice. These types of programs typically combine a number of cultural activities with a few weeks or months of language lessons. This is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the language and experience Germany as a whole. German courses London