How to Make Pastries and Pies

Pastries and pies are the most classic of all desserts. They can be adapted to suit the seasons and, as a result, are ideal for all occasions. Whether it’s apple pie for Thanksgiving, a lemon tart for a summer barbeque or a Boston cream pie for an anniversary or graduation party, a pastry can always add the finishing touch to a meal.

For a simple, delicious fruit dessert, make a jam tart. These flaky pockets of pastry are filled with a variety of fruity fillings to create a dessert that is perfect for any occasion, from summer berries to winter brambles. These also require very little complex parcel folding or edge crimping and are a good option for new bakers who may be nervous about handling pastry.

To get the best results when making a pastry, it’s important to keep the ingredients cold. This will prevent the fat from melting too quickly and it will also help the dough to keep its shape when baking. It’s also a good idea to mix the dough as little as possible to help it stay tender and prevent over-working. Over-mixing can cause the dough to become tough and dry.

If the pastry is crumbling and falling apart when rolling it out, this can be a sign that there’s too much butter or too little water in the dough. If this is the case, sprinkle a small amount of ice water and flour onto cracks or crumbles and gently work it into the dough with your fingers. معجنات وفطائر