How to Remove Shows From Continue Watching on Peacock

How to Remove Shows From Continue Watching on Peacock

Peacock is one of the most popular streaming apps for TV shows and movies. You can remove the titles from continue watching by exiting the video and tricking the app into believing you have viewed the content.

For movies, resume playing the film and fast-forward to the last minute or so. DON’T let the movie launch the “Up Next” movie, or it will appear in Continue Watching.


Peacock is a new streaming service that has some unique features. One feature is the ability to pause and resume watching TV shows and movies. This can be useful if you are busy and don’t have time to watch a whole show at once. However, the problem with this is that if you don’t finish a series, it will appear in your Continue Watching queue. This can be annoying because you may not want to watch the show again. This article will teach you how to remove shows from Continue Watching on peacock.

The quickest way to remove a show from your continuing list is to fast forward it to the end. You can do this by using your remote or dragging the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Once you have jumped to the end, the video will be considered watched and removed from the Continue Watching queue. This method works on both the website and the app. However, it does not work for movies or original content.

Another way to clear your continued watching list is to click the vertical ellipsis on a show or movie. However, this does not work on the iPad version of the app. Instead, you must select the first episode of the show or movie and then exit it. This will stop the video from being marked as watched and will not appear in your Continue Watching list.

The easiest way to clear your Continue Watching list is to go to the Featured tab on the Peacock TV website. This will display a list of shows and movies that you have viewed recently. You can also see the number of episodes that you have watched for each show. You can also delete your history by going to the Featured tab and clicking the three dots in the top left corner. This will take you to your settings page where you can edit your viewing habits. You can also change the default start time for new content. You can also change your search preferences by changing the location, genre, and type of content that you want to be shown.

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When watching movies or TV shows on Peacock, you can easily get a title stuck in your Continue Watching row. This is a problem because it will keep streaming even after the movie or episode has finished, so you can end up wasting tons of data and getting no rest. However, there are ways to clear the Continue Watching list, and this article will help you do it.

The first method involves deleting the movie or TV show from your Featured category. Launch the Featured category and choose the video you want to remove from your Continue Watching row. Then, fast-forward the video to the last minute or so and let it play to its end. Just be sure not to let it start the “Up Next” queue, or it will get stored in your Continue Watching queue.

You can also use the Delete Watching Queue button in your Continue Watching row to remove a title from the queue. Just press this button to clear the queue, and it will not be added back once the content finishes streaming. However, this method only works if you have watched the entire movie or episode. Otherwise, the content will return to your Continue Watching queue as soon as a new episode is available.

Lastly, you can also reset your Continue Watching row by selecting the title and using its menu. This will remove it from your Continue Watching row, but it won’t clear the Previously Watched section. This method is best for television shows that have episodes.

To reset your Continue Watching queue, select the video you’ve been watching and press the More Episodes link to view the full episode list. When the list opens, select the first episode to reset your queue. You’ll find this option at the bottom of the screen. This method will only work for TV shows, and it won’t work for films. If you’ve completed the film or TV show, you’ll need to repeat the steps to remove it from your Continually Watching queue. This is because the Previously Watched queue is tied to your Peacock account.

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There is no feature on Peacock that lets you remove shows or movies from your continue watching list. But you can clear your watch history in a few ways. For one, you can start the media from the beginning. This will trick the app into thinking you have watched the movie or show and remove it from the list. This method works for both TV shows and movies. However, it only works if the movie or show has at least one episode available. It will not work if you have only watched the trailer or a few minutes of the video.

The next method involves playing the video and then fast-forwarding to the end. This will delete the watch history for the video and prevent it from showing up in the “up next” section. You can use this method for both movies and TV shows on Peacock. You can also select the first episode to reset a TV show. This will stop the video from appearing in the up next section until there are more episodes available.

Another way to clear your watch history on peacock is to use the “More Episodes” button. This will allow you to skip the next episode and will only display the next one that is available. You can also press the play button and drag the progress bar to the end of a video. This will remove the watched history from Peacock and prevent the video from appearing in the “Continue Watching” row.

If you’re tired of seeing the same movie or series appear in your Continually Watching section, you can try to speed up the process by clicking on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. This will open a menu where you can select the ‘More Episodes’ option to reset your watch history. This will only work for the current season, and it will not affect future seasons.

Lastly, you can remove a show from your Continually Watching list by going to the Featured page and clicking on the video title. Then, you can click on the ‘More Episodes’ option and then select the first episode of the series. This will remove the show from your Continually Watching queue until the new episodes are released.

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Peacock is a streaming service that is giving Netflix, Hulu, and Disney a run for their money. It has excellent TV shows and movies, but it also has one issue: it tends to cut off shows at the end. This can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to watch something new. However, if you know how to delete shows from continue watching on peacock, you can get rid of this annoying problem.

Whenever you want to remove a show from the “Continue Watching” queue on Peacock, you can do so by fast-forwarding it to the end. This method only works for completed series and movies. If a new episode is released for the series, it will appear in the Continue Watching queue again.

To do this, simply open the Featured section on your device and select the movie or series you’re watching. Then, press the up or down buttons on your remote to fast-forward it to the end. Once the media reaches the end, it will automatically remove itself from the Continue Watching list. This method will work on both Android and iPhone devices.

If you don’t want to wait until the movie or TV show reaches the end, you can still remove it from your continue watch list by highlighting the video title and pressing the left or right arrow keys on your remote. This will skip the media to the end. This is a general method for clearing your watch history on any streaming service, including Peacock.

There is no official way to clear your continued watching on Peacock, but some users have found a workaround. To do this, launch the TV show or movie you’re watching and then fast-forward it to the end. Don’t let the video play to the end, though, or it will return to the Continually Watching queue. Instead, you can reset the title by going to the Continually Watching queue and clicking on it. Then, click on the menu item “Remove from Queue”. This will remove the video from the Continually Watching queue and return it to the Featured section.