Insulate Your Boat For Comfort, Safety and Longevity

Boating is a unique mix of adventure, serenity and challenges. Insulating your boat is an important investment in comfort, safety and longevity. Insulation regulates temperature and sound, prevents condensation mildew and keeps your boat protected from thermal bridge and moisture infiltration.

We offer a wide range of marine insulation solutions including hull, cabin and engine room insulation as well as exhaust and fuel line insulation. Our products meet the IMO regulations for fire resistance, thermal regulation and acoustic insulation and are suitable for both commercial and private marine vessels.

Our products are available as spray foam, insulation sheets or marine-grade adhesives. All are easy to apply and provide excellent thermal regulation and condensation control. They are also acoustic and mould resistant. If you choose spray foam, it is highly recommended to use a mask and protective gloves for the application. Spray foam expands significantly and therefore it is important to ensure that you apply it evenly across the surface. Foam sheets can be cut to size and bonded using a marine-grade adhesive, with an air gap between the sheet and surface to maximise reflective barriers and reduce heat loss.

A well-insulated boat is warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, provides a comfortable living environment no matter the weather conditions and helps to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces. It also prevents the transmission of vibrations to other boat systems, and enhances onboard comfort. Sound insulation is highly effective for reducing engine noise, which makes for a quieter and more relaxing journey. It can also increase the resale value of your vessel. boat insulation