Jewellery Polishing Cloth

This polishing cloth will help clean and protect your jewellery from tarnishing. It’s a great alternative to messy creams and dips and is safe for gold, silver, and platinum jewellery. Just rub the inner white cloth with your jewelry to remove fingerprints, body oils and tarnish and impart a layer of anti-tarnish protection to the jewellery or watch. The outer ultra soft dark cloth then buffs your jewellery to a beautiful luster. Made in the USA.

Please note, these are very thin cloths and may turn black as they work (this is a sign that the product is still working!). They can be washed, but it will degrade the polishing properties. Karlea keeps hers in a Zip-Lock bag when not in use to lock in the magic.

These are 100% woven cotton polishing cloths, impregnated with professional Jewellers Rouge. The Rouge cleans and polishes the metals, leaving a polished finish as it is wiped away. The abrasive in the Rouge also helps to remove light scratches. This is a great alternative to sanding and buffing a piece by hand, though if you have deeper scratches it’s probably best to go to your local jeweler and have them do it for you. This product is safe to use on rhodium-plated, as well as un-plated white gold, although some newer pieces of jewellery don’t have a rhodium plate and therefore are more susceptible to tarnishing. It is also very safe to use on gemstones, enamel and glass. jewellery polishing cloth