Kiddush Fountain – A Symbol Of Sacred Items And Gorgeous Tchotchkes

Of Sacred Items And Gorgeous Tchotchkes
A kiddush fountain is an example of the kind of ritual object that can have a major impact on your Jewish life. It is used to hold wine or grape juice — as per tradition — during the blessing over food at the beginning of Shabbat and Jewish holidays, sanctifying the meal with a prayer that recalls God’s resting after creating the world on the seventh day. It’s an object that’s a common sight in Jewish homes worldwide, but it’s not always easy to find.

Whether you’re looking for something ornately traditional, or modern with an engraving of family members, you’ll find a lot of options on the market, from small kiddush cups and silver-plated ones to large sets that can hold up to eight smaller cups. And of course, you can always customize yours with a special message or design.

This nickel kiddush fountain was crafted to offer the perfect blend of simplicity, glamor and precision. Designed for a flawless pour from the main cup used to say Kiddush down the expertly designed canals to the eight awaiting small wine cups, this work of art will delight guests and be a showstopper on your Shabbat and holiday tables. It also makes for an unforgettable gift for a groom who appreciates exceptional engineering or a bride with a modern vibe. The fountain is adorned with Stars of David, a floral motif and the Hebrew names of the four rivers that flowed into Eden, making it a unique piece to add to your collection.silver judaica