Making Money on YouTube – Facing My Fears on My Journey to Success

Making Money on YouTube? Why would I even try?

Thinking back to when I first began my journey to success, I have to laugh. I remember when I was so SCARED to make my first video. I remember how I was trembling and my palms were sweaty… it seemed there was a flock of seagulls in my stomach!

I remember how it took me three hours to complete what I thought was my one and only capture page and I thought, “good, I won’t have to do that again for a while”…

So why would begin to try making money on YouTube?

In the beginning, making money on YouTube was the furthest thing from my mind. After all, why would I even try something that was making me feel so terrified?

But in my personal development journey, I’m learning that the more we face our fears, the more we grow…

… And the more we grow, the closer we get to success!

But what was the first thing to move me in the direction to making money on YouTube?

That would have to be my experience with blogging and keyword research.

While I was able to get a few of my blog posts to rank on page one of Google, I learned that YouTube has an Alexa score of 3, meaning it’s third most popular site worldwide on Google.

Getting a blog post to rank meant trying for keyword phrases that got 300 searches per month. While this did get me a few leads, I thought, why not try a method that has so much authority on Google that it’s ten times more likely to rank on page one? That way, I could try for keyword phrases that get thousands of searches each month!

This is when I began making one video after the next – and of course, the first ten or twenty really sucked! Being camera shy as I am, I decided to “hide” behind a PowerPoint presentation, which, in my opinion, is still more entertaining to watch.

And recently I’ve also discovered a cool technique to make cartoon videos that really makes it fun to make money with YouTube!

I have to laugh at how scared I used to be now, because I’m actually enjoying video production. As soon as I finish one, I’m thinking about next one.

But how does making money on YouTube translate into REAL money?

Yeah, I know, “show me the money” LOL. So, I will. All of my YouTube videos have a “description” at the bottom with a link that leads to a capture page. And no, I didn’t have to create the capture page (like I used to think I had to do). I simply transfer my domain to the capture page within the system…

Of course, following up with your leads and new customers is important. Fortunately, there’s a system for that too that our team has recently automated.

And it feels so good to be good at something now! But, even more important, I see how I’m touching the lives and souls of people around me – people who are searching for an answer – an answer that now I can provide for them. buy 4000 hours youtube watch time