Medical Beauty

Medical Beauty is any medicine or procedure that specializes in and improves cosmetic appearance, such as wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation. It also includes removing excess weight and body fat, as well as fixing sagging and loose skin.

Medical aesthetics is becoming more popular as people want to look their best and take a health-conscious approach to their skin care. Medical beauty treatments can help a person feel comfortable in their own skin and boost self-confidence.

The industry is growing, especially for noninvasive cosmetic treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. More invasive procedures include liposuction and breast augmentation. There is a movement to destigmatize the practice of Medical Beauty and reduce the stigma once associated with these procedures. This is facilitated by the fact that doctors are now recommending cosmetic treatments during healthcare appointments (like skin cancer screenings) and celebrities promote their skincare and beauty products on social media.

Modern medical spas and medi spas use cutting edge treatments that reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, remove pigmentation and sun damage, and get rid of enlarged pores. They can also lift and plump the lips, cheeks and jawline.

Medical beauticians can also help patients detoxify their bodies using a variety of methods such as acupressure, massage and lymphatic drainage, as well as laser therapy. Some of these treatments can even help a person lose weight by promoting healthy cell regeneration and reducing the storage of fat cells. In addition, MBR beauty and skin care products contain carefully formulated ingredients like jojoba oil and allatoin that penetrate deep into the skin layers to keep it firm and tight for longer. LA Lipo Wales