Newborn Photo Editing Services

Newborn photography is an art that needs special photo editing services. As newborn photos are precious and irreplaceable, it’s a photographer’s responsibility to ensure the images of babies are flawless. This is not a simple task, and requires more than just a few clicks in a smartphone. Newborn photo editing requires skills and practice that only expert hands can perform.

The first step in a newborn photo retouching process involves color correction to make the skin tone and facial features look natural. The image should also be sharpened to highlight the details of the baby’s face and body. This will help the images to look more realistic and attractive.

Using Photoshop tools, the retouching experts will remove blemishes and other marks on the baby’s face and body. This includes rashes, blotchy areas, Petechiae (red spots that appear on the newborn’s skin after birth and usually fade away within a month), and other temporary imperfections. The retouching experts will use the “Healing Brush Tool,” “Dodge Tool,” and the “Burn Tool” to make the skin of the newborn baby glow.

Retouching and smoothing the baby’s hair, eyes, eyebrows, and lips is another part of the retouching process. The experts will also remove dust particles, stray hairs, and other small flaws that can ruin the overall look of the image. They will also retouch the background of the image to make it look more appealing. For example, the editors may add a colorful backdrop or put the newborn into a fantasy world. newborn photo editing services