OECM Introduces Real-Time Utility Monitoring

OECM is pleased to introduce the new and improved Real Time Utility Monitoring services. These services are a Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement that provides monitoring for utilities like electricity, water, gas and heating and cooling fluids.

Using a combination of real-time monitoring and unsupervised machine learning, utility monitoring is able to “learn” the access behavior of remote machinery and equipment and know the probability that they are being breached or stolen. With this predictive insight, Utilities can launch more powerful deterrence strategies to protect their property.

Quick Detection of Anomalies
With real-time data, managers can spot spikes in energy consumption, reduce base loads, evaluate peak hours and identify irregularities. They can also track their energy saving targets and goals more accurately.

Interval data, on the other hand, is generally reported back to the building 24 hours after it occurs. It can be hard to tell whether or not a spontaneous activity was regulated automatically or is continuing to occur.

Several studies have shown that nothing more than fast feedback on energy usage will cut consumption. With a utility monitoring system, equipment performance will be optimized and your overall usage will decrease, giving you a higher return on investment. Having the ability to monitor your buildings in real-time is essential to identifying these opportunities and acting quickly. OECM’s Real-Time Utility Monitoring will give you the information you need to make smarter decisions. real-time utility monitoring