Pangeos Yacht – A Turtle-Shaped City on Water

If you’re looking to trade in your dayboat for a permanent residence on the high seas, it may be time to start shopping around for some real estate. That’s because a turtle-shaped yacht dubbed Pangeos has been dreamed up by the Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio. If constructed, the massive vessel would be the largest sea vessel ever built and essentially function as a city on water complete with hotels, restaurants, malls, and even parks.

Taking its name from the ancient supercontinent that unified all the continents at one point, Pangeos is a massive floating vessel that’s designed to be a destination in its own right. Described as a “terayacht” by its designers, the futuristic project is expected to cost an impressive $8 billion and take eight years to build.

Measuring 550 meters in length and 610 meters at its widest point in the wings, the terayacht’s steel hull is comprised of 30,000 individual ‘cells’ or cluster compartments that help keep the massive yacht afloat. The ‘wings’ of the yacht are designed to house villas, apartments, and buildings along with rooftop terraces that boast sea or city views.

The terayacht is also designed to be self-sufficient, relying on solar panels on the outer’shell’ and the power of the waves to keep it afloat while cruising at an estimated five knots. Those who wish to travel between Pangeos and other destinations will be able to do so aboard another sea vessel or by plane thanks to the ship’s port and an ‘upper shell area’ that grants access to flying vehicles.

While the idea of living on a turtle-shaped yacht is sure to spark the imaginations of plenty of people, it’s not without its drawbacks. First and foremost is the sheer size of the project, with Lazzarini estimating it will take eight years to construct the massive city on water. It will also require a huge amount of space, with the designer suggesting a site at King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia as an ideal location given that it has direct access to the sea. Construction would require around one square kilometer of the sea to be dredged and a circular dam built to control water levels at the construction site.

Those interested in purchasing virtual space on the terayacht can do so via an NFT (Non-fungible token) crowdfunding initiative launched by Lazzarini. Starting at a minimum of a passenger entrance ticket, buyers can purchase credentials that grant them access to a range of different spaces on the vessel within the Metaverse. Those who have enough funds to afford a larger property, such as a villa or building, can even earn the rights to an actual spot on the yacht should the concept come to fruition. The sale of the NFTs is set to begin in early 2023. For more information, visit the official website of Pangeos. pangeos yacht