Pex Al Pex Pipe

Pex al pex pipe is a flexible plastic water piping system that is easy to install and highly durable. This tubing is a safe, economical alternative to copper and CPVC, and it can be used in plumbing, hydronic heating and cooling, and snow and ice melting systems. It is also approved for use in all model plumbing and mechanical codes.

The aluminum layer in pex-al-pex tube is sandwiched between two layers of PEX, giving the tubing memory and enabling it to bend back to its original shape without losing strength. This makes it ideal for applications in which a piping system needs to conform to the layout of the installation area.

In addition, the aluminum core helps to insulate the pipes, reducing heat loss and maintaining consistent water temperatures. This helps to optimize the performance of water treatment processes.

PEX-AL-PEX pipes also exhibit high resistance to a range of chemicals commonly found in water treatment environments, including disinfectants, oxidizing agents and pH-adjusting substances. This ensures the integrity of the piping system and minimizes degradation over time.

A common way to connect PEX-AL-PEX tubing is with push-fit connections, which are similar to those used with PB fittings. These fittings “grab” the end of the pipe like a child’s paper tube trap (view on Amazon). No special tools are required to use push-fit connections, and they can be removed from the ends of PEX-AL-PEX tubing using a removal ring.

Another option for connecting PEX-AL-PEX tubing to existing metal supply lines is with soldering. Although some installers believe that this technique is less reliable than push-fit connections, it is possible to achieve an excellent seal with the right tools and technique. The key is to use a good quality soldering tool and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for temperature, pressure and application. pex al pex pipe