Pharma Shopping – A New Way to Shop

With the rise of online pharmacies, consumers can now replace a trip to the neighborhood drugstore with a click onto the internet. While many of these enterprises are legitimate, some of them operate illegally and can be hazardous to your health. Rogue sites can send you medication that doesn’t match your prescription or in packaging that is broken, illegible, foreign or expired. They may also sell your personal information to other websites and use it for fraudulent purposes. Some even sell drugs that aren’t approved by the FDA.

The FDA has made enforcement of illegal internet pharmacy sites a priority and professional organizations are launching programs to clean house within the industry. The good news is that more and more healthcare consumers are embracing the convenience and transparency of pharmaceutical e-commerce, and this trend will likely accelerate.

Retail chains are well positioned to capitalize on this demand, but they must be careful not to lose sight of the high-touch experience that consumers associate with mail-order and online pharmacies. This is an opportunity for those retailers to work on strategies that will preserve the benefits of a personal connection in their digital offerings, such as video telehealth visits with pharmacists. In addition, they should work to leverage the cost savings associated with omnichannel engagement to help them compete against new online competitors. This will require a thorough review of the business’s expendable resources and unique goals before beginning to build an implementation plan.