PP Shopping Bags Made in Vietnam

Vietnam is known as a developing economy in south-east Asia, located near biggest market: China. Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has made a shift from a centrally planned economy to a Socialist-oriented market economy. Over that period, the economy has experienced rapid growth. Nowadays, Vietnam is in the period of integrating into world economy, as a part of globalization and is in transition from a planned economy to a market-oriented mixed economy. Vietnam is famous with main export products as rice, coffee, textile. In the recent time, it is getting known by growth of flexible packaging manufacturing. One of competitive products is shopping bag that mostly manufactured in China before.

One of the top places in the world for Polypropylene shopping bag manufacturing is Vietnam. While China may seem to be at the top for reusable shopping bags, Vietnamese reusable shopping bags are performing equally as well and are sometimes available at a lower cost. There are companies in Vietnam who have mastered two important factors about bag production – they make good quality woven bags that last for hundreds, or even thousands of uses. Secondly, they produce them at a low cost. Due to the efficient technology used in the shopping bag factories as well as the skilled labor that they have to offer, these bags can be produced cheaper than they can in many other industrialized countries.

First of all, the PP bags produced in Vietnam are of a good quality level, in several different aspects. The bags are made to high standards so that they can hold a lot of weight, over 100 or 150 kilograms in some cases. This also means that the handles of the bags must be attached firmly – one weakness of paper and traditional plastic disposable shopping bags is that the handles rip, spilling the contents of the bag out onto the floor. With the bags from Vietnam, this is not a problem.

Also, along with quality, shopping bags made in Vietnam have vivid designs printed on to the bag that stay for a long period of time – often times for the life of the bag without any wear showing on the design. Vietnamese bags can be made in any combination of colors or patterns that the client desires; this is especially good for businesses that want to have their logo imprinted on the side of a bag. Also, for bags that are designed to be sold to the consumer, patterns can be added such as fake animal prints. A coating can be added to give additional protection to the design on the bag. Additionally, the material and pattern used on the bag handle is selected at the discretion of the client.

Also, bags produced in Vietnam are low cost. Vietnam has a good combination of low-cost labor and efficient technology, so that a lot of work can be done in a short amount of time. Materials here also can be purchased for lower cost, even though they are quality, which further lowers the cost per bag. This results in quality bags that are much cheaper than they would be if they were produced in other countries, but just as durable. The time factor is also important, as with such efficient technology, large orders are able to be manufactured and delivered in a relatively short amount of time.

Vietnam truly is one of the premier countries for producing PP shopping bags. These reusable bags are growing in quality, and therefore are being manufactured all over the world now. However, businesses and consumers should keep in mind that Vietnam offers the best combination of low price and high quality PP woven reusable shopping bags. MK sale bag