Property Video Christchurch – New Zealand’s Second Largest City

Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest city. In September 2010 it was rocked by a magnitude-7 earthquake. In February 2011 the city was shaken again by a much stronger earthquake that caused significant damage.

Many buildings were destroyed, including the iconic Canterbury Television (CTV) building in the city centre. Those trapped in the CTV building used cellphones to contact emergency services and loved ones.

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property video Christchurch has quickly become one of the most effective marketing tools for real estate agents. Not only does it showcase properties beautifully, but it also helps build relationships with clients and establishes agents as experts in their field. In this video, you’ll see the breathtaking landscape of a city and the impressive architecture of its buildings. The skyline is reflected in the water of a lake, creating an amazing view. You’ll also see some of the destroyed houses near the center of the city.

The mosque shootings in New Zealand on Friday were the deadliest mass killings by a single person in the country’s history. The attack was motivated by anti-Islam and white supremacist ideology, and the shooter’s 87-page manifesto clearly articulated his views.

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When Michael Wilson put his three-bedroom house up for sale, over a dozen would-be buyers turned up to see it. But a year later, the property hasn’t sold. “I’ve been told it’s the worst time to sell a house in Christchurch,” says Wilson, who moved from Melbourne to Christchurch after his wife and children got jobs here. High interest rates have pushed house prices down nearly 18 percent in just one year.

Located in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island, Christchurch is a city of quaint laneways and urban greenery, with quality retail and hospitality. Within easy day trip reach are the expansive Banks Peninsula, the Southern Alps and alpine environments, Kaikoura’s wildlife, the North Canterbury Wine Region and many other diverse attractions.

The Christchurch Cathedral isn’t the only building in the New Zealand city to have won awards, but it is the most prominent. The head-turning structure earned the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) Seismic Resilience Award for low damage design. It was also a finalist in the category of Buildings that Keep People Safe at the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Big Kahuna awards last year.

Gamal El-Rifai is a Christchurch-based imam and social justice advocate who works to unite religious communities, and to support victims of terrorism and violent extremism. He has liaised with a number of high-profile individuals, including the German Chancellor, Martin Schulz; His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; and the Grand Imam of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Abdel Aziz El-Sharif.

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Despite what you might think about the city, it’s a vibrant and creative place. If you look beyond the orange traffic cones and scaffolding, there are always new things to do and see. There are temporary art pop up stalls around town, speakeasy bars and food trucks galore. The city is changing all the time and it’s a great way to experience it while it’s still rebuilding itself.

A lot of people moved away after the earthquakes, but those who stayed are passionate about growing the city in a creative and lovable way. I love that there is a lot of emphasis on sustainability and reusing materials. One of my favorite projects is the Gap Fillers project, where volunteers fill in the empty spaces with anything from an outdoor Dance-O-Mat to book exchange corners.

Christchurch is also home to a large number of coffee shops that offer fresh meals and drinks in quirky and unique spaces. One of my favorites is the Addington Coffee Co-op, which is a community-based business that focuses on an ethical way of doing business.

There are also plenty of places to go for a hike or a swim. You can surf on the beaches at Sumner and Taylor’s Mistake, or head a bit further afield to the Port Hills for some rock climbing. I particularly love Albert Terrace and Cattlestop Crag, which offers stunning views over the city.