Remanufactured Nor Cold Cooling Units

When you are driving down the road and your RV refrigerator starts making a horrible sound like a loud motor, it may be time to replace the cooling unit. The cooling units in Nor cold fridges, which are made by Thetford Corporation, can be replaced with a new one that is remanufactured to the highest standard. This remanufactured unit will cost you significantly less than replacing the entire refrigerator.

The remanufactured coolers we sell for Norcold RV refrigerators are designed to last longer than original equipment coolers. They use heavier wall seamless tubing and a different boiler design that will not fracture under thermal stress. The remanufactured refrigerator coolers from Ozark also have a better seal between the evaporator foam pack and the cabinet pocket that prevents ammonia leakage.

We recently installed a remanufactured Norcold fan kit on an RV customer’s Norcold refrigerator that had been giving him trouble with the freezer portion of the fridge not getting as cold as it should. We replaced the factory thermostat with a new adjustable temperature sensor that will allow the RV owner to set a specific temperature at which the fan will turn on and off.

We also installed a remanufactured JC Refrigeration gas/electric cooling unit in the freezer section of the RV refrigerator that converts it from an ammonia refrigeration system into the Freon based system seen in most residential fridges. This was a big improvement over the old Norcold refrigerator as the freezer is now staying in the mid to upper single digits, instead of dipping down to the low single digits or below. Nor cold cooling units