Selling Skills – The Qualities That Make a Great Salesperson

Selling skills are the qualities that help you build rapport, close a sale, and sell your product or service. While the definition of selling skills may vary slightly based on your role and industry, there are some core skills that every salesperson should possess. These include strong verbal and written communication, the ability to actively listen to clients, and a solid understanding of how your product or service benefits each client’s needs.

The best salespeople are empathetic and generous in their approach to business. They look to solve the customer’s problems rather than push a particular product. This helps you to appear more genuine, which customers appreciate, and it can make all the difference in closing a sale.

Lastly, great salespeople are flexible. Working in sales can be a whirlwind, and it’s important to be able to adapt and change plans when necessary. For example, if a prospect changes their mind about purchasing your product, you need to be able to change course quickly and offer them something else. This requires excellent flexibility, which is also a great soft skill to have.

If you want to highlight your strongest selling skills on your resume, be sure to include them in a cover letter that highlights examples of each. For instance, you can use your communication and listening skills to describe how you helped a client resolve a conflict or how you used your persuasiveness to persuade a customer to buy your product. skills selling