Shoe Size Converter – How to Use an International Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Whether you are shopping online for shoes or buying shoes while traveling abroad, shoe size conversion charts help ensure the proper fit of your footwear. These international shoe size converters allow you to quickly and easily compare US, UK, European, and inch shoe sizes.

Using a pencil or sharpened pen, trace the outline of one foot on a piece of paper. Then, repeat the process with the other foot. When you are done, measure the length of each traced foot at its longest point and write this number down. Make sure to take the measurements at the end of the day, as feet tend to swell during this time. Then, use our Women’s or Men’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart to find your corresponding shoe size. Make sure to subtract 3/16ths of an inch (about 1/2 centimeter) from each measurement to account for the width of your writing utensil and the space left by the pencil.

Many shoes come in different widths, too. Check the shoe’s description to see if it’s available in narrow, wide or extra-wide widths. These widths are usually denoted by letters, such as AA (narrow), B (average), C/D (wide) or E (extra-wide).

While measuring guides and shoe sizing charts are useful tools for finding the right shoes, nothing beats trying on a pair of shoes in person to get a feel for how they fit. If possible, do your shoe-shopping while wearing the type of socks you will wear with them (slimmer socks can often make shoes feel tighter than they should). We also recommend testing out a new pair of shoes for an hour or two, walking, running, trotting or dancing in them to really get a sense of how the shoes will perform and fit for long periods of time.shoe size converter