Star Plus Plumbing – 5 Star Service at Reasonable Pricing

Star Plus Plumbing is the leading plumbing company in Adelaide providing amazing 5 star service at reasonable and competitive pricing. They specialise in all aspects of plumbing and draining. Their team of experienced plumbers will ensure you are completely satisfied with their services.

We provide a wide range of water testing and treatment solutions to keep your home’s water clean. Poor quality water can cause a host of problems from ruined clothing in the washing machine to dishes with hard water spots and damaging your pipes and plumbing. Our expert plumbers will test your water to determine its quality and offer treatment and filtration solutions to help keep your home safe from the side effects of poor water.

In a highly-sophisticated and well-planned scheme, the Federal Court has found that Star Plus Group Pty Ltd and SPG(SA) Pty Ltd made false claims about their services on a number of websites including Yellow Pages and Product Review. They were also found to have fabricated reviews and proof of purchase documents.