The Rise of Troi Torain

For the last two years, Troi ‘Star’ Torain has been one of the most compelling figures in media. He’s rewriting the script for a new generation of broadcast journalists, whose savvy, abrasive, and sometimes controversial point of view are changing the world around them. Star’s mastery of reverse psychology, doubletalk, bait and feed tecniques, and playful jousting has given him mass appeal for a man with only one camera, his show, and millions of viewers.

He’s able to engage with his audience on an intimate level that is hard to replicate in the world of radio and TV. And he’s able to keep them on the edge of their seats with a rollercoaster ride of sarcasm, insults, and wit. His fans are degree-holders and homeowners, who make a decent living, yet he invites trolls on his show to try to derail the coaster by throwing out their dicks and insulting him right back.

It’s a polarizing style that keeps his loyal viewers in rapt attention, and it’s one of the reasons that he’s a success on YouTube. The platform is thousands of times more cluttered than radio, but Star has found a way to rise above the noise and grab ahold of a younger audience.

On his channel, he’s also able to monetize his content, something that isn’t always easy to do on the major streaming platforms. He’s even in the early stages of talks with motion picture studios to bring his brand to the big screen.

In a time where most radio and television shows are trying to appeal to a certain demographic, it’s refreshing to see that someone like Star is bucking the trend and aiming his brand at a broader range of people. Whether it’s his unapologetic criticism of The Game or his distaste for the way women are treated on rap radio, Star is never afraid to speak his mind and challenge the status quo.

He recently announced that he would be leaving his co-host position on Complex’s Everyday Struggle series due to contract issues. While he didn’t get into the details of his departure, he did say that he was “grateful for everything” and that it had been a great experience. He also refrained from releasing emails that were exchanged between his lawyer and Complex’s, showing that he’s not one to get messy. star troi torain