Top Graphic Design Agency

Graphic design agencies provide a host of visual solutions for brands. They can create animated videos and custom illustrations that are perfect for social media campaigns. They can also create print designs, such as billboards, posters and flyers, that help brands establish a cohesive experience for their consumers. A top graphic design agency will be able to work with your business to understand its goals and create designs that will achieve those objectives.

This creative consultancy believes in the power of visuals to captivate and inspire people. Their approach to design is rooted in a belief that a brand should be a story told through the use of shapes, symbols and colors. They have partnered with many brands, including NBC, Nokia, and Hawaiian Airlines to craft their stories through a variety of visuals.

As the world’s preeminent brand consulting firm, Landor offers a full range of graphic design services to help brands define their visual identity and communicate their value. They are known for creating iconic logos and packaging, as well as bringing brands to life through immersive experiences and digital products.

Founded on the principle that “simplicity is smart,” Siegel+Gale is an award-winning brand and innovation consultancy that believes in creating designs that are “unexpectedly fresh and remarkably clear.” They are based in New York City and have offices around the world, with clients like SAP, 3M, and YMCA. top graphic design agency