Types of Voice Over Work and How to Get Started

Voice Acting is an amazing profession with a wide range of opportunities and types of work. It’s an ideal way to combine flexible work with doing something you love. It’s not easy to master though and requires time, practice and professional feedback. This article explores some of the different kinds of voiceover work that you might be interested in and how to get started.

Narration is the most common kind of voice over work. It includes everything from TV and radio programme narration, to commercials and branded content. This is often used by large companies for their promotional content to drive sales and brand awareness.

Whether you’re looking for a friendly, natural and chatty tone, or a more serious or corporate sound, we have a great selection of UK based talent. Some have a neutral, northern or Scouse accent, while others can do character voices too.

E-learning is another type of voice over work that’s gaining in popularity. This involves creating online training videos for internal staff or to promote free courses. It can be done in a variety of ways including audio recordings, text animation and video clips. The use of an actor’s voice is crucial in getting across the message and ensuring it’s engaging for the audience. voiceovers.uk