Upgrade Your Conservatory With a Replacement Conservatory Roof

When you own a conservatory, the way it looks is important – after all, it’s your garden room and should look like a part of your home. That’s why many homeowners choose to upgrade their conservatory with a solid replacement roof. This creates a space that can be used year round, is more energy efficient and will also add value to your home.

Solid conservatory roofs come in a range of colours and styles that are designed to match your existing windows and doors. They are also available in a choice of materials, from uPVC to tiled roofs. They are light enough to be fitted on top of an existing conservatory frame and they don’t place a lot of stress on the supporting structure.

A solid conservatory roof is a good alternative to polycarbonate sheets, which can become discoloured or weak over time. In addition, they are much better insulators and will stay warmer in the winter. They also provide more noise reduction and are a great choice for those with young children.

If you’re thinking about replacing your old conservatory roof, it’s important to find a reputable supplier. Cheaper solutions aren’t worth the risk – they may not meet building regulations and could cause leaks, cracks and mould or mildew growth. By choosing an approved installer, you can be sure that the products and installation are of the highest quality and will be safe and secure.

Before the work begins, a surveyor should inspect your existing conservatory to ensure that it can support the weight of a new roof. If there are any signs of distress, then a structural engineer should be called in to assess the situation and advise what needs to be done.

You should be offered a comprehensive quote before any work starts and you should always get a visit from a qualified surveyor. This will give you an idea of what the costs are, which roof will be best for your space and whether any extras such as roof windows or spotlights will be installed.

Once the work has begun, your Ultra Installer will build a base for the conservatory and then add a solid roof that can be tiled or glazed, as per your preference. It’s usually a quick process that will be completed within just 3-4 days.

A solid conservatory roof will transform your conservatory into a fully functional room that’s like an extension of your house, which will be a valuable addition to your property and will make the most out of your garden space. Contact your local Ultra Installer for more information about the different options for a replacement conservatory roof. They will be able to help you design your new conservatory and can even liaise with the local council or other body to obtain Building Regulations approval. They can also help you with any new windows and doors that you’ll need to complete your new extension. They can even help you with furniture and other accessories to really make your conservatory feel like a part of your home. replacement conservatory roof