Using the Shoreline of a Lake to Enhance Your Landscape

The shoreline of a lake or pond is a gardener’s paradise, providing a stunning backdrop to the flowers and shrubs that line it. Whether you plan to create a lakefront garden, extend your existing landscape into the water or simply want a unique spot for a birdhouse, there are many exciting ways to use the lake to enhance your landscape.

The littoral zone of a lake is an important part of the lake’s habitat and can make a big difference in how well aquatic plants thrive. Plants in this area help protect the shoreline from erosion and improve habitat for a variety of species of fish, turtles and birds.

A garden on the shoreline of a lake can be very rewarding and can also help the lake by increasing its biodiversity and improving its health. However, there are some guidelines that gardeners should follow if they want to use their lakefront space for gardening purposes.

Choosing the right plants for a lakefront garden is an essential step toward creating a healthy habitat. The most important things to consider are which plants will attract a variety of wildlife and which ones will provide shelter for the fish, birds and other animals that live in lakes.

To ensure that you are planting the right plants for your lakefront, consult with a knowledgeable landscape designer or other experienced gardener who can guide you through all the necessary considerations. Some of the most important considerations include selecting a suitable location for your lakefront garden, considering the lighting and shade conditions in your landscape and choosing plants that are best for the needs of your specific lake.

Choose native plants for your lakefront garden if possible. This will improve the health of your lake and its wildlife while avoiding problems that may arise with non-native plants such as disease, pests and poor drainage.

A thriving lakefront garden can bring new life and a sense of adventure to your property and your community. Using the natural features of a lake for your landscape can also increase the value of your home.

You’ll need to decide how you will irrigate your lakefront garden, since you won’t be able to tap into municipal water for this purpose. A pond on your property or a well are good options for this.

Adding a water feature to your lakefront garden can add to the beauty of your landscape and may even be an enjoyable pastime for you and your family. A fountain, an old-fashioned well pump, a pond or a birdbath are some of the choices available.

In addition, adding a waterfall to your lakefront landscape can add another element of beauty and provide an interesting feature for your property. Several types of waterfalls are available, including those made with boulders, stones and stepping stones.

The waterfalls can be placed in a location that will allow you to enjoy it from multiple angles, making your lakefront garden an appealing place for visitors to enjoy. lakegarden residences